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qTip2 is dual-licensed under the open source MITand GPLv2 licenses. In short:you can use qTip2 in any project, commercial or non-commercial.

Note: Licenses must be distributed with all scripts.This is already done for you in the scripts comment headers, so if you're not too familiar with licensing don't worry about it!

CDN (recommended)

jsDelivr preferred

qTip2 is officially distributed through the jsDelivr CDN. You can grab the files at the following URLs:

All features & styles


qTip2 is also available though the cdnjs CloudFlare CDN service:

All features & styles

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GitHub development

qTip2 is actively developed over at GitHub and updated frequently with the latest bug fixes and new features. If you wish to contribute to the projects efforts, don't be afraid to fork the repo and submit some pull requests, and make sure to report any bugs you find!


View the Changelogs here.

Previous versions

Previous releases can be found in the release archive.